World Youth Day 2023

All the nations of the World

World Youth Day 2023 Meeting my family Written by John Paul de Quay I had received a personal invitation to World Youth Day (WYD) from my friend; Br Philip-Thomas, to join them and their small group from St Anthony’s, Forest Gate and St Patrick’s Soho. I had always been intrigued by and perhaps a little […]

An introduction to travel

An intorduction to travel How we get to church matters Written by Louise Abraham and the Green Guardians of Brentwood Cathedral Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pocket Share on email The Green Guardians of Brentwood Cathedral explore the importance of how we travel, for our planet, for our people […]

How Should we Approach the Journeys we make?

Fr Kevin standing next to to Peruvians (one child on a mule and one adult next to him)

Travel during my three-year stint high in the Andes (2005-2008) was a very slow business. Sometimes riding a mule but more often just slowly walking through the mountains, sometimes for days at a stretch, because there were hardly any (mud) roads. Everything gently passing us by, animals, trees, villages and people. Time to talk as we walked (walk as we talked) and listen to everything around us. The great gift, so often eluding us in our modern high velocity living, being simple appreciation.