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Did you know 'video' means; 'I see' in latin?


Global Healing & Global Caring


Global Healing & Global Caring are film-based events for parishes, groups and individuals. They will inform, challenge and equip people to engage with Pope Francis’ vital call to Care For Our Common Home.

We have personally hosted many of these evenings and have found they are excellent for starting a conversation on our ecological crisis and bonding as a community. You can directly download these videos from the Vimeo links on this page. For the full collection of resources, downloads and to buy DVD copies visit:

With a meal or nibbles and allowing time for conversation these screenings should last about two hours.

Have a read below about how the topic of this page helps us to meet each of the goals.


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Episode 2.

Episode 3.

Extra session

Change for the planet- care for the people

CIDSE is an international family of Catholic social justice organizations working for transformational change to end poverty and inequalities, challenging systemic injustice, inequity, destruction of nature and promoting just and environmentally sustainable alternatives.  

As part of their ‘Change for the Planet, Care for the People’ campaign they have produced these hope-filling documentaries, following inspiring projects from all around the world.

Stories of Change

Sustainable food & Lifestyles

In this journey, the viewer travels from Portugal to the Philippines, from Canada to the UK, discovering the lives and experiences of ten inspiring protagonists from all walks of life, who share the steps they’ve taken in their personal or collective transformation towards a more sustainable living, through sustainable ways of producing and consuming food.

Energy to change

‘Energy to Change’ follows six stories of the personal energy choices of communities and people across the world. From riding bicycles to defending the Amazon from hydropower dams, from schools and clinics in the desert powered by solar panels to energetic conversion of buildings, these heroes are doing their part for an energy transition that respects the needs of people and the planet.

The future lies with youth

Inspired by Laudato Si’, the documentary tells the stories of young climate activists, filling the audience with hope for the future of the planet. The documentary shows the connection between actions at local level and the global protection of our common home.

The Letter

Made in oartnership with the Laudato Si’ Movement; The Letter is a documentary following the stories of environmental activists from various parts of the world, who are invited to an audience with Pope Francis. The film follows their personal experience of climate change and brutality, their journey to Rome, and their unlikely fellowship that is formed as a result.


These concise animated videos from our friends at Eco Catholic are an excellent introduction to matters of ecology and faith, clearly demonstrating the importance of our faith in care for our common home. They are useful for personal reflection, schools or group discussions.

Community Film Screening

Is everyone sitting comfortably?

Films are an excellent way of bringing a community together. They are an opportunity to learn about important topics, explore our faith through stories and have discussions. Do not forget one key ingredient when planning a film and discussion night…food. Whether it is popcorn or bringing a range of dishes to share, food has incredible power to bring people together.

Advent movie resources

Our team have written reflections on some of our favorite Christmas movies: ‘Its a wonderful life’, ‘Home Alone’ and Muppet Christmas Carol’. Click the banner to browse the community film resources, including a guide to movie licensing.