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Flowers, herbs, and bees Summer Updates from Welsh Martyrs, Aberystwyth

We asked Nick Howells, founder of the Laudato Si’ Garden based in The Welsh Martyrs Parish, Aberystwyth to give an update on their progress – to read his original blog, CLICK HERE.

 With the hot start to the summer, the Laudato Si’ garden burst into life in the hands of a team of dedicated volunteers who generously offer their time to help grow and provide free organic food to those in need, through different outreach programmes run by a variety of Christian denominations within our community. The garden is also able to supply regular flowers to the Welsh Martyrs Church next door. 

A pond
The Laudato Si' Garden pond

Over the spring we extended our herb garden, introducing a selection of herbs for the purpose of sharing with those using unconventional medicine to treat conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. 

Work on an important conservation project at the front of the presbytery has continued apace. With support from ecologists and collaboration support from different community organisations, we have managed to re-create the pond area as a part of our Operation Save & Protect Our Beloved Frogs Newts & Wildlife. We have enlarged and realigned the pond, established a natural habitat for wildflowers to grow and provided a fresh water source for our local wildlife to come and drink from the water of life.  

A pond
The Laudato Si' Garden pond

Two of the team have been learning about beekeeping and have taken on 3 beehives which is very exciting, learning slowly and allowing the bees to build their colony this year before we attempt to extract any honey (so more will follow). At present I can report the bees were flourishing when we last visited and aim to visit them once a month in order to leave them in peace!

Leaflets for the Laudato Si' Garden & Building a caring community poster pack

We hope to introduce Journey to 2030 into the curriculum in our local parish school, St. Padarn’s in Aberystwyth and to invite both pupils and teachers to help educate others as to how they can implement Journey to 2030 in their lives.

We were also excited to host an open day in August in collaboration with the National Garden Scheme Wales to raise funds for nursing charities including Marie Curie, Macmillan Cancer Support, Hospice UK and Parkinsons UK. The aim of the event was to create stronger bonds between our parish and the local community by inviting people to come and experience the peace of the garden, to come closer to God and to learn about the Laudato Si’ vision. The day included plant and cake stalls, workshops to build bird boxes and also entertainment from a medieval 12th century puppet show as well as a walk around the garden led by an ecologist. You can watch a highlight reel of the event on our Facebook page here.

A man, in glasses and a hat, collecting apples

About the Author

Nick Howells is a parishioner of the Church of Welsh Martyrs, Aberystwyth, and has been involved in the running of their hugely successful parish garden since 2018. You can follow their progress on their Facebook page here.


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