Finding like-minded people who can help inspire and encourage you to build a better world is so important – nobody wants to feel alone. The great thing is that there is already so much going on that you can get involved in!

Whether you wish to care for environment, the unborn, feeding the hungry, or listening to the lonely, there will be a local group that can help you help others.

If you wish to add anything or make a correction to any of the details on the map, please email: with “Local network” in the subject.

Local network map

Here is a map of networks and contacts, national and diocesan, who you can reach out to and get involved with. Simply click on the enticing yellow dot nearest you on the map.

Arundel & Brighton diocese

Archdiocese of Birmingham

Clifton diocese

Lancaster diocese

Shrewsbury diocese

Archdiocese of Cardiff

Menevia diocese

Wrexham diocese

Archdiocese of Liverpool

Plymouth diocese

Hexham and Newcastle diocese

Middlesbrough diocese

Leeds Diocese

Salford diocese

Hallam diocese

Nottingham diocese

Northampton diocese

East Anglia diocese

Brentwood diocese

Southwark diocese

Portsmouth diocese

Westminster diocese

What are these different networks?

What is a Diocese?

What is CARITAS?




WHAT IS The Laudato Si' Movement?

WORDS OF WISDOM on the importance of networks


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Environmental lead: John Paul de Quay Email:

The Journey to 2030 Parish Representatives.
Email: for more details.

Care of Creation Working Group:

Caritas (Social Action) Advisor:

CAFOD: Jenny Finlayson

Regional group
London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce:

Archdiocese of Birmingham

Environmnetal lead: Canon Gerry Murray

Diocesan environment page:

CAFOD: Deborah Purfield, Sylvester Mutsigwa, and Joanne O’Meara

Justice and Peace: Janet Vaughan

Green Christian Local Group (Birmingham): Rosina McGuigan , Dick Withington (Rugby)  and Tom Piotrowski (Worcester)

Diocese of Clifton

Environmental lead Jason Charewicz:

Diocesan environment page:


Green Christian Local Group: Martin Davis and Daphne Tomlinson (Nailsworth)

Diocese of Lancaster

CAFOD: Emma Nolan and Patrick Gardner

Faith & Justice Commission & Environment Group

Faith and Justice worker for Lancaster Diocese: Sue Grubic:
Address: St Bernadettes Church, 120 Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 4HT

Diocese of Shrewsbury

CAFOD: Ciara Hogan

Green Christian Local Group (Clun): Elisabeth Newman

Archdiocese of Cardiff

Cardiff diocese Environmental Officer:

CAFOD: Therese Warwick

Green Christian Local Group (Hereford): Sheila Milne

Diocese of menevia

CAFOD: Therese Warwick

Diocese of Wrexham

Environmnetal Lead:


CAFOD CPC: Colette

Green Christian Local Group (North Wales): Katja Jewell

Archdiocese of Liverpool

Environmental lead: Fr Matthew Nunes

CAFOD: Siobhan and Colette

Justice and Peace (there is an environment subgroup) Administrator Justine Silcock

Diocese of Plymouth

Environmental Lead and Caritas officer: Deborah Fisher

Plymouth diocese caritas website (social action)

Plymouth diocese website: The community and the wider world.

CAFOD: Simon

Green Christian Local Group (Fareham): John Vivian, Olive Stevens (South West), and Jane Stanfield (Stroud)

Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

Diocese of Middlesbrough

Environmental Leads:
Barbara Hungin
Glen Melvin

Environmental policy:

Middlesbrough Justice and Peace:

CAFOD: Carol Cross

Green Christian Local Group (Beverley): Linda Johnson

Diocese of Leeds

Environmental lead:

Justice and Peace Commission, email John Battle for more information

Caritas Leeds:

Green Christian Local Group (Leeds): Paul Magnall

Diocese of Salford

Strategy Document

Diocese of Hallam

Hallam diocese environmental leads, Columba Timmins and Angela Powell:

CAFOD: Angela Powell

Hallam Caritas network:

Hallam Justice & Peace Commission, Anne Peacey:

Justice & Peace Commission website:

Diocese of Northampton

Environmental lead: Alban Macdonald:

CAFOD: Deborah

Caritas (social action): 01604 434362

Justice & Peace Commission Coordinator: Fr. Tony Brennan 01582 662710

Green Christian Local Group (Milton Keynes): David Miller

Diocese of EAST ANGLIA

East Anglia diocesan Environmental Officer:

CAFOD CPC: Jane Crone

Green Christian Local Group (Bungay): Lucy Johnson

Caritas (social action) Chair: Fr John Warrington, Administrator: Dr David Livesey, Development Worker: Jacinta Goode:

Diocesan Justice and Peace website:

Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission
Chairperson: Deacon John Bell Rev John Bell, 3 Applewood Close, Cambridge, CB1 9NU.
Tel: 01223 503948

Diocese of Brentwood

Environmental lead: Fr Dominic Howarth

Diocesan Laudato Si’ website:

Brentwood Caritas (social action): – social media accounts @caritasDOB

Diocesan Laudato Si’ contact:

CAFOD: Chris Driscoll and Jane Crone:

London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce:

Green Guardians Group in cathedral parish –

Diocese of Southwark

Environmental lead Bishop Paul Hendricks:

CAFOD: Celeste and Sarah

Justice and Peace: Marie Bullard

London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce:

Green Christian Local Group (Folkestone): Jacqueline Durban

And Catherine Linney (Medway)

Diocese of Portsmouth


Portsmouth Caritas (social action) Website:

Portsmouth Justice and Peace:

London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce:

Green Christian Local Group (Reading): Joanna Laynesmith – webpage

Diocese of Westminster

CAFOD: Tony Sheen

London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce:

Westminster Justice and Peace Website:

Westminster Caritas (Social action):

Green Christian Local Group (Barnet): Tony Shepherd

What is a Catholic diocese?

A diocese is: The collection of people and their parishes, in a particular geographic area under care and direction of a particular Bishop.
It is a bit like a county.

These diocese are collected together under a Bishops’ conference. In the UK there are three Bishops Conferences.
These are a bit like countries.

What is Caritas?

In England and Wales some  dioceses are part of the Caritas social action network. This aims to ensure families and communities, live with peace and human dignity in England and Wales.

This network helps coordinate community and specialist support for families and children, the elderly, people who are homeless, refugees, the disabled, and prisoners.

What is CAFOD?

CAFOD is the international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

They work in Humanitarian aid, disasters relief, and reaching out to those in poverty overseas and campaigning for global justice. Sustainable development and protection of creation is a key part of their work.

Justice and Peace logo

What is Justice and Peace?

Justice and Peace groups are found in most diocese and many parishes. They form an organising group to raise awareness of injustices, global and national. Covering a huge amount of topics such as the arms trade, Life issues, animal cruelty, human trafficking.

What are Green Christian groups?

Green Christian are a community of ordinary Christians from all backgrounds and traditions.

Green Christian Local Groups are groups of ordinary people supporting one another in their ecological discipleship and, in so doing, being vital signs of the kingdom for our times.

What is a Laudato Si' Animator?

The Laudato Si’ Movement trains Laudato Si’ Animators worldwide. Laudato Si’ Animators lead their community in prayer and action for our common home.

To get in contact with a local Animator network you can contact Magdalena Noszczyk


Environmnetal lead: John Paul de Quay Email:
Diocesan environmnet page:
The Journey to 2030 Parish Representatives.
Email for more details.
Environment Group: Ashley Ralston (
Social Action Advisor:
CAFOD: Jenny Finlayson

Regional group
London & Southeast Care of Creation (weekly Monday lunchtime Zoom meetings) – contact Colette Joyce: