The ecological crisis is, unfortunately, very political, and occationally we think it is worth bringing your attention to particular campaigns. Right now, we need help to secure UK animal and food standards in post-Brexit trade deal. Both Brexit and the recovery period from COVID-19 are, for better or worse, the start of a ‘new normal,’ which include trade deals and the type of economy we can expect over the next decade. It is very important, then, that we get the tone right at the start.

The Conservative government have gone back on their 2017 manifesto promise, that they would “not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards.” The Agriculture Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, if it passes, will be ‘traumatic to the farming industry and public health’, according to Jamie Oliver who is calling for support for a National Farming Union petition (check out his video explaining the issues on our facebook page).

In short, an amendment to the Bill is allowing for low-standard imports, including hormone-fed beef, chlorinated chicken and other very low quality, high salt and sugar products into the UK as the government tries to reach a trade deal with the US. On this year of the fifth anniversary of the Pope’s letter on the environment, Laudato Si’, Christians are called to be stewards of creation and to find new ways of living and protecting our common home. These unnatural and industrial farming methods, currently illegal in the UK and EU, are contrary to what we know is needed to act on our ecological crisis, which will involve eating more locally and seasonally and supporting local economies.

You can sign the petition here:

As the UK begins to negotiate trade deals with countries around the world, do you want the food you eat to continue to be produced to the world leading standards you’ve come to expect? This petition from the National Farmers Union asks the UK government to ensure all food imports are produced to the same high standards as British farmers.

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