Here is a collection of resources to help you get your parish more involved in tackling our ecological crisis. It does not really matter what order you do these in but this is a suggestion of what we have found works best. This series of actions could be repeated every six months or a year in order to welcome more people on board.

Remember to communicate! Tell your parish what you are doing and update them regularly.

You do not need to be an expert to start this series of events. The resources we have gathered will guide your group through a journey of learning. These resources are also excellent as ecumenical events and actions. There is after all much common ground in our common home.

Have fun!

Everyone loves a film club! Especially if there are refreshments and a chance to chat. The Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales and Cafe have produced an excellent series of films that allow you to do just that. They lead you on a journey to explore Laudato Si and the Christian responsibility to our ecological crisis. They do so in a thought provoking way that allows discussion and encourages further action. It works well as an evening activity with a meal, or catch parishioners unaware with an impromptu screening during coffee after mass.

Click here for the 2030 film club programme.

To download for free or buy DVD copies of Global healing/caring and all supporting materials please visit

Global Caring Trailer from CaFE on Vimeo.

While people are enthused to save the world after the film screening, it is a good time to ask them to sign up to join a parish social action group. Again you don’t have to be an expert to instigate this, just enthusiasm and a bit of staying power. The first thing you may want to do with your new found band of change makers is do something really rebellious like put up an social action group notice board inside the church. This helps people know what is going on and encourage others to get involved. If you are feeling particularly rebellious you could even put the notice board outside the church to let people know what you are doing. That way the church is far more inviting for the curious.

To download our printable Journey to 2030 notice board visit our 2030 Parish Notice Board page or click here.

Here is where the fun begins. Using the CAFOD Reimagine our common home poster as a guide think of all the ways you can mobilise your parish against our ecological crisis by fostering an atmosphere of creativity, sharing and inclusion. Could we cut our carbon emissions by volunteering car shares with the SVP? Could we help our local food bank by growing local produce and create an appreciation of where our food comes from at the same time. Could we learn to appreciate nature by leaving some church grounds alone. Could our masses better reflect a joy in creation? Could you encourage the skills and interests of your parishioners to use their gifts? Whether it is drama, music, gardening or woodworking.

An image of the CAFOD parish map activity

Download the poster here:

Or order a print copy here:

We are all hypocrites when it comes to our ecological crisis. We all contribute to our ecological crisis. Recognising this hypocrisy is a huge first step in growing in virtue and should not be a stumbling block to us moving forward, on the contrary, they allow us to identify areas of ourselves and our society that need to change in order for us to live in love of God, Neighbour and Nature.

We have created an examination of conscience exercise that allows you to see what in your day you have done well. and what in your day you would like to improve on tomorrow.Where are you on your Journey to ecological conversion?
This exercise works very well as a group discussion using the poster version, as prayer stations or as a personal reflection during a reconciliation service or even for daily prayer.

The posters and personal prayer cards are available from the Ecological Conversion Group shop (printed on FSC recycled board).

The Ecological Conversion Group resources are also available free to download and print from their website:

Hopefully you have a strong group in your parish by now who are enthused to care for our common home in their daily lives and in their parish and community. It may be a good time to consider the Livesimply award from CAFOD. There is also the ECO CHURCH award from Arocha which is the Anglican equivalent.

To find out more about live simply or to apply, click here: