Global Healing and Global Caring are produced by Cafe for the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.

This section puts all the Global Healing and Global Caring videos in recommended order of watching. We have personally hosted many of these evenings and have found they are excellent for starting a conversation on our ecological crisis and bonding as a community. For the full collection of resources, downloads and to buy DVD copies visit:


With a meal or nibbles and allowing time for conversation this first session should last about an hour and a half to two hours.


This is a much shorter video session which leads to much more conversation. It really gets into what we can do practically as a community. Now is a good time to skip to Steps 2 and 3 of our getting started guide. Remember to keep the movie nights as a regular activity to keep interest maintained. Also the next videos are even better!


Global caring works in the same way as Global Healing except it is separated into distinct videos.

Carmody looks at nature through the eyes of Jesus.
What keeps Bishop John awake at night?
Some school children teach their superiors a lesson.

If you fancy showing something a little different for a follow up evening; here is the trailer to Leonardo Dicaprio’s Before the flood (you will need to purchase a copy of the full film if you intend on showing it).


Here are some suggestions of films for children that can explore our ecological crisis in another way. Maybe show these films at the same time as Global healing so that parents with young children feel more welcome.