Welcome to the Christmas Film Club! Too often we shut ourselves away in our own homes and make ourselves comfortable, there are however those who are excluded by these behaviours and end up shut away in their homes and uncomfortable. Films are an excellent way of creating a welcoming atmosphere in your communities by essentially sharing your living room with others, making sure that we share comfort with others rather than exclude them in preference of binge watching addictive yet dulling series. This is an opportunity to watch exceptional pieces of cinema, dress up your hall in full Christmas regalia, share mince pies and mulled wine and make popcorn.

Click the movie posters below to find all the resources on running the film nights, including ready made posters and guided reflections. You will need to buy copies of the films to show or rent it from the library, or buy a second hand copy.

It’s a wonderful life

“Acknowledging the feelings of despair that can often accompany the Christmas season, this beloved, family-friendly film offers a response which is as joyful and uplifting as it is metaphysical and Christian.”

Fr Philip-Thomas Edwards

The Muppet Christmas Carol

“Possibly the best Christmas film of all time! I shed a tear of joy every time I watch it. Probably better than Charles Dickens imagined it would be. But then he didn’t imagine Bob Cratchit was to be cast as a frog.”

John Paul de Quay

Home Alone

Having been left at home alone over Christmas, Kevin enjoys the rampant individualistic lifestyle that only a 10 year old can dream up. Home alone is such an exceptional precautionary tale that you can’t believe (but are very grateful that) they make a similar mistake twice, allowing a sequel!

John Paul de Quay

Film licensing

In order to comply with copyright law your parish will need to obtain a Public Video Screening License (PVSL). This will cost around £140 per year per venue. This will enable you to show as many screenings you wish.

PVSL Terms and conditions

The PVSL is a low-cost annual licence valid from 1st May to 30th April. All films must be shown free of charge and may only be shown within the premises – no outdoor screenings are permitted. There should be no advertising or promotion of the film screening outside of the premises. All films must be rented or purchased from legitimate UK rental or retail outlets. The PVSL does not cover screenings for commercial or fundraising.

For more information and full terms and conditions download FilmBankMedia’s broshure here.

Visit FilmBankMedia to apply for your license: www.filmbankmedia.com/licences/pvsl/