jump aboard the journey

Our logo design can be used non-commercially for the purpose of showing how the efforts of your local community is joining a national project of many other communities. It is can be used to signify a communities commitment to engaging with the cry of the earth the cry of the poor in their mission over the decade.

The logo may not be used in any manner which implies Journey to 2030/The Ecological Conversion Group endorsement of products, services or activities.

The logo may not be used for the purpose of self-promotion or obtaining any personal financial gain.

Any use of The Journey to 2030 branding without adhering to our peaceful mission and objectives will is not permitted.

Please remember to #journeyto2030 on social media

Engaging in Global Goals

Laudato Si' Goals

These goals help us look at the inter-related nature of reality, our ‘integral ecology’ which simply put means ‘everything is connected’; our relationship with God, with our neighbours, and with our common home. Just as we are all connected to the lives of billions through society, economy and nature.

These goals and logo designs have been created by The Dicastery for Integral Human Development at the Vatican.

Sustainable Development Goals

You can find the Sustainable development goal logos on the United Nations website.