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Bethan Townsend, Journey to 2030 Parish Representative for the Catholic Parish of Bognor Regis, shares some of their highlights of 2020. This is an abridged version, but you can download her full report in the link at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a parish representative, email

The Catholic Parish of Bognor Regis is a lively parish made up the churches of Our Lady of Sorrows, St Anthony’s and St Richard’s. Bethan, who has worked as Parish Representative since 2019, has been working with Gabrielle Thorpe (lead for the parish’s ECO group) on implementing some exciting initiatives.


The parish has been working hard to set up recycling mechanisms in partnership with different community schemes:

Bags of clothes for reusing and recycling! Photograph shared with permission from Gabrielle Thorpe of Bognor Regis Catholic Parish.

Just before lockdown the parish was approached by someone who works at the council who was very keen on promoting care of the environment. A meeting was being planned, but has now been postponed due to the pandemic situation. This contact has made them realise how an interest in caring for the planet can lead to sharing of faith. Sharing news and ideas in the local Bognor Regis Post is something that has taken place before and is something they are keen to be doing again. It is a great way to evangelise and we can become a beacon of light in the town.

Alongside this, there was a very successful visit to the Recycling Centre at Ford and two more visits were in the pipeline but have been interrupted by COVID-19. This visit was very educational!

Bug Houses and Tree Planting

A tall gothic-style church, grey stone and slate roof
Our Lady of Sorrows, one of the Catholic Churches of the Parish of Bognor Regis (photo by By The Voice of Hassocks )

The parish has two bug houses on their church grounds, with a third bug house soon to be built at Our Lady of Sorrows.

The parish has set up a tree planting scheme, and are working with The Woodland Trust, EForest and Word Forest to kick off the project. If you have any experience launching something similar, do get in touch!

Parish and wider community

The Parish are holding regular meetings to discuss some ideas for reducing their carbon footprint and are exploring how to become a carbon neutral parish, including the possibility of putting solar panels on the Parish Centre. They also shared the film ‘Global Healing’  to prompt discussion, the film sparked great interest, and they are now thinking about how to share it more widely.

Also, the parish’s ECO group participated in a questionnaire from Eco Church and identified some projects to take forward.


A picture of an altar with CAFOD posters and decorations
CAFOD Liturgy Celebration – photograph shared with permission from Gabrielle Thorpe of Bognor Regis Catholic Parish.

The Parish is keen to hold Creation Celebration Masses at St Anthony’s and St Richard’s once COVID restrictions are lifted. These Masses will be wonderful opportunities to educate, to open up discussion and to involve different groups e.g. CAFOD, the Children’s Liturgy, L’Arche etc.

Lastly, despite all our restrictions this year, the Parish was assessed for the CAFOD Live Simply award. This took place via Zoom and with great cheer, the Parish passed! This is a great achievement to celebrate. Once we are able to gather again, we hope to have a Parish gathering to celebrate all the amazing effort that went into attaining this award. We now have the joyful opportunity of following every opportunity to live this out as we continue to strive to be an ecological community, and to be part of ‘The Journey to 2030’.

Download Bethan’s full report here.

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