Registering your poster pack and sharing your findings are one way of participating in The Journey to 2030. Submissions from communities around the UK will help us get an overview of communities that have done amazing things, as well as working out what common needs present themselves. Help us build this bigger picture on The Journey to 2030.

While collecting data is secondary to our mission of building caring communities, it does allow us to understand better where we are at nationally. It helps us identify good projects to share with others and it also helps us understand general trends in needs, allowing ourselves and agencies of the Church to respond in creative and tailored ways. Data is the boring part for many of us but it really is important. Please do register.


Keeping Record

These documents are to help your community keep track of progress and record the results of using the ‘Building a Caring Community’ poster activity. They are however a useful tool even if you are not using the poster.

They act as a pre-made template to keep notes electronically during ‘building a caring community’ activity poster group discussions.

They are in the same format as our registration form. So when you are ready to register, all you need to do is copy and paste your communities results in into the new form.

Spreadsheet Document

Text Document


Become a community rep and upload your community's results

Register your parish/school/home/COMMUNITY

We would be incredibly happy if you would join us in becoming a representative for you community. This simply means that if you are using the posters or taking part in the Journey to 2030 in a creative way of your own, we have a contact point for each community taking part. There can be more than one contact for each community.

Do let whoever is responsible for you community know you are signing up.

You can remove your data at anytime by hitting ‘unsubscribe’ on the newsletters or contacting