Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, has announced the creation of a Laudato Si’ Action Platform

We’re grateful to share that the Ecological Conversion Group plays a central role in the platform’s development as a member of the Dioceses and Parishes Working Group.

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a key Vatican initiative to empower the universal Church to achieve total sustainability in the holistic spirit of integral ecology. As storms grow more intense,  seas rise, deserts grow, and biodiversity dwindles the human family is facing ever-higher risks of hunger, sickness, and conflict. Sadly, it is the most vulnerable of our sisters and brothers who face the worst consequences.  

For decades, the Church has taught us to urgently respond to this crisis. The Ecological Conversion Group has helped lead the response, developing the Journey to 2030 Campaign as a way to visibly mobilise our church communities in the UK to engage with the ecological and social crises of our time.

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform builds on the foundation established by partner organisations like The Ecological Conversion Group. In creating a shared space for action, it offers new momentum to urgently and ambitiously address our ecological crisis. This is a key way to continue growing and developing as we work to build a better future together. 

The Ecological Conversion Group are very excited to be a part of the launch of this programme. Over the last 5 years, we have been building our networks in the UK (and beyond) to respond to Laudato Si’, focusing on concrete, localised action through our Journey to 2030 Campaign. The launch of the Laudato Si’ Platform is an opportunity for us and our network to place our local UK actions in the context of the Laudato Si’ Goals’ universal framework. We believe that our work and the resources we develop, including our upcoming online Journey to 2030 parish guide, are hugely complementary to the goals of the Laudato Si’ platform through their focus on holistic integral ecology and ecological conversion. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our work alongside the platform’s working groups over the upcoming months.

Today’s announcement launches the first phase of the initiative. The first phase is an opportunity for institutions, communities, and families to review initial information and consider their path forward. 

The next phase of development will launch on 4th October, which is the Feast of St. Francis and the conclusion of the Season of Creation. The Ecological Conversion Group will contribute to the continued development of this initiative in the run-up to 4 October. 

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is available at

Watch the promotional video below:

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